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It's a lightweight cattle fence.

Use lightweight field fence for the fabric. Bekaert Gaucho High Tensile Field Fence. (4' tall. 12 ga on the top and bottom and 14 ga elsewhere) is nice.

For the posts. If everything is pretty square use 4x4s. Otherwise use 5" round.

But what about the pedestrian gates?

Can't use strap hinges on the round.
And what about the latch?
Chisel it out? Messy. Might not fit right.
Use a 6x6 at the gate? Kinda fat. Might look cool tho.

Box braces.
The 4x4 works quite well unless the angle is weird. The round works fine of course.
I've been putting my brace rail at 4' but I hear that's not quite ideal. That 30 degreees is the ideal wire angle for a 4' tall, 8' wide box brace. Which puts the top brace at 34". Hmm. That seems weird.

Wider gates.
There's a gate kit. A chainlink gate. 5' wide but it can be cut down. Costs about $100. It ain't the toppest quality but not too bad.

Post hats.
Cut round tops at a 45 degree angle, facing south, with some paint.
Cut 4x4s to gothic point. With paint.

Where the slope gets weird, irregular or extreme use picket fence. Just do a patch between 2 strains of wire or whatever.

But what about the transition?
If it's a 4x4 no prob.
If it's a round post do a little chisel flat where the picket rail lays. Works ok. Maybe not the most elegant. Maybe use a simpson tie?

Another option (for funny terrain) is wire on wood posts with a brace top rail all along. A 2x4 seems to work. Maybe a 4x4 or a 4" round. No actual brace then. Works pretty well for curves.

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