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1x4 pickets.
2x4 frame.

Unless it's a 6' gate. Then the 2x4 frame is too heavy. So use 1x4 frame and bolt everything.

Also glue everything. Loctite PL Premium.

Use that basic latch.

Use 8" strap hinges. SS screws.

Gothic points of course.

Size the gate 1" narrower than the opening. 1/2" gap either side.

Take 3 days to build the gate.

Lay out the 2 horizontal rails to match the fence rails.
Pickets like 5" above and below, or thereabouts.

Glue the pickets to the rails. Nailgun them in place.

Leave it for the night

Cut the diagonal.

Glue and nail. Leave it for the night.

Attach hinges to gate.

Clamp to fence. Fiddle to satisfaction.

Screw to post.

Did a ~6 foot version for a garden enclosure.
The treated lumber promised to be too heavy so I made the frame out of 1X4.
Tacked it together with little 1 1/4 nails.
Used bolts on the latch and hinges instead of screws.
It works nicely.

The Latch

I used to like this latch.
National Hardware N184-853 BPB21

But it's too short. Stupidly short. 4 inches.
This means that the gate needs to fit the opening tightly, which is awkward, and the latch parts need to be mounted close to the edge of the wood, which is fragile.
But that's all they ever sell in the local hardware stores.
So to Amazon.

Yes. There's a 6 inch and 8 inch.
Bought some 6 inch latches. This is probably an improvement.
National Hardware N344-663 DPB21A

This is the 8 inch latch. It's heavy.
Note the absence of the ball on the end.
National Hardware Adjust-O-Matic Heavy Duty Gate Latch, Zinc, 8-In.

Yes the 6 inch latch is a definite improvement.
The sliding latch point is superior to the fixed one.
The longer latch allows for a better latch attachment, at the middle of the wood.
And the latch dangle is most comfortable.
I used the same latch grabber as the previous latch. Same hardware.
That sliding latch attachment is held in with 4 screws! 3 of them are super roof screws.
Definitely level up. Should probably buy a dozen.

For the hinges we need chunky screws. These are good.

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