FLEEN.ORG - fence_notes - 2023_12_11_cat_door

Cat door in wall of sun room.
7x9 opening.
Installed in unfinished wall. Framed. Steel siding outside. Panelling to be installed in the future.

Wind flap is vinyl. Glued over with SCIGRIP 16.
1/4" steel rod in drilled hole through from human door frame. Held with friction.

Door to keep out the raccoons at night.
Frame and door is 1/2" plywood. 2x4s. Ripped and whatever.
Latch arm is oak.
5/16 bolt. Various washers. Lubed with carbon.
Exterior white alex+ caulk on all relevant seams.
Everything painted with latex gloss exterior black.
A bit of corn starch on the frame on the door and the rubbing bits of the latch to prevent sticking.

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