FLEEN.ORG - fence_notes - 2023_11_29_decky_floor

A little south-facing sunroom in a basement. About 8x16. Used to contain a hot-tub. Concrete slab, crude and wavy. Half of the floor covered in a deck-like floor, raised a couple inches on ripped 2x4s. The other half old ripped 2x4 supports for the hot-tub.

The mission : put more decky floor over where the old hot-tub supports are.

Match new floor to old floor. Later in the spring, paint it.

Old decky floor is is tilted to account for wavy concrete. So is the hot-tub underlayment. But in different planes.

Removed hot-tub underlayment.

Installed new support wood. Some ripped. A couple just 2x4. Glued down with loctite pl premium 3X. Weighed down for 2 days with a bunch of stacked lumber.

Screwed 5/4 radiussed decking on top.

Turned out not too bad.

2012-2024 John Greene
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