FLEEN.ORG - fence_notes - 2023_05_07_dog_fence

Dog fence. 240' long. 4' tall. Built on a ridge. All hills and transitions. Knotted wire mesh on the long straight flattish parts. Braced posts for some weird hill. Pickets for the short and/or strange bits.
1 picket pedestrian gate. 1 chainlink gate built from a kit.
The mesh is Bekaert Gaucho High Tensile Field Fence. 4' tall. 12 ga on the top and bottom and 14 ga elsewhere.
The tposts are 6.5'. The wood posts rise 4.5'. Gothic points. Presently unpainted.
I like the taller posts.
Used a wire jack and crimpers and a big clumsy crimper wrench. Might use gripple next time.
They also make a hydraulic crimper. It's svelte.

There was this tree that I used as a post. A huge somethingorother. Used these really nice bronze-coated lag screws lubricated with antibacterial hand soap. And big galvanized washers.

High tensile on square posts is a bit fiddly to make it look nice. Gotta clamp and tap each wire around the square. And staple everything.

I got a gate kit at Lowes for about $100. It ain't too bad. Cut it to fit. Replaced the strainer bars with better ones.

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