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This is the fence in my back yard. I built it to contain our dog.
The brace posts are a bit thicker than necessary because that's all they had. I envision them covered in heavy vines.
The mesh is Bekaert Gaucho High Tensile Field Fence. 4' tall. 12 ga on the top and bottom and 14 ga elsewhere. It's lighter weight than the stuff for cattle.
The brace posts are 6". 4" rail.
The tposts are 6'. Maybe 6 1/2.
Ya I nailed it to a tree.
The strains are 100' long. I think that's a good way to do it. High tensile for the long parts, pickets for the shorts and funnys.
I'm writing this in the summer. The heat does loosen up the wire a bit.
The tension is... uncertain. Maybe 80 pounds per wire in the winter. Maybe 40 in the heat. I didn't want to totally wrack it. It keeps the dog in just fine.

This is a temporary section. I'll do pickets here eventually.

Just a little gap. The dimensions are all funny. Had to build up the ground. Presently trying to get flowers to grow in that rocky dirt.

Another temporary section. It will be a picket gate and top-braced mesh (because all picket would be too shadowy).

There was a pre-existing privacy fence with lots of gaps in the bottom.

This is the pedestrian gate I always do. It's held together with most of a tube of loctite pl premium and 2" nailgun nails. The hinges are the biggest that will fit. The hinge screws are all stainless. The turnbuckled brace wire works nicely for adjusting the fit.

There was funk forming despite the south facing tilt so I painted it. Used tractor paint.

This fence started as a trellis. I wanted some viney climbey flowers but needed something for them to climb on. Then we got a dog and thus a fence. Funny how things work.

Bound the wire ends with nice crimpers (the kind with sand inside).
Nailed the loops to the old cedar with fat, heavily galvanized 3" nails.
Dabbed the nail heads with green oil-based tractor paint (same stuff that I used on the post tops).
Attached the rail to the tree using a simpson strongtie fence rail end bracket, a few deck screws and a bunch of loctite PL premium.

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