Tomatoes : 4, 28 oz cans. 2 of crushed. 1 of diced. 1 of petite diced. (Quality is important here. Get the good kind, not generic.)

Garlic : 10 nice fresh cloves.

Cilantro : 2 big handfulls.

Salt : 4 tsp.

Olive Oil : 1 Tbsp.

Anaheim Peppers, crushed dried : 1 Tbsp. (We're talking like what you sprinkle on your pizza. Get good peppers cheap at the co-op in the spices section.)

Vidalia Onion : 1, smallish-medium.


Cook the garlic a little. This is an important step. It will enhance the garlic flavor, cut the rawness (which can upset your stomach) and make it easier to peel. Take your 10 unpeeled cloves and put them on a small dish. Put the dish in the microwave. Cook until you can hear the cloves just start to pop and sing. It'll take 5-10 seconds. Then take your cloves out of the microwave. They'll be hot. Set the dish of garlic aside to cool.

Now get a big bowl.

Dump your 4 cans of tomatoes into the bowl.

Put salt, olive oil and peppers in the bowl.

Chop up your onion medium-fine. Put it in the bowl.

Chop up your cilantro. Put it in the bowl.

Get the garlic cloves. They should be cool enough to handle by now. Peel them. For each clove, mash it with the flat of a broad knife. Then take all of your mashed cloves and mince em up a bit. Then add the mashed minced garlic to the bowl.

Stir the contents of the bowl with a big spoon. Mix until it's all mixed up.

That's your fresh salsa. It tastes good now but it will taste better after you let it cure a bit.

Put the salsa in jars or tupperware or whatever. Put it in the fridge. Wait 3 days.

Now your salsa is ready.

I'm not sure how long it keeps. I've never had any go bad.