More Notes

(This is all somewhat rough and fluxzy, beware)

1) A little analysis

We have 2 techniques. Both influence your shape and peace.


1. It makes you quiet by rendering you blind to that which excites you. It cuts you off from the agitating world.

2. It shrinks you by excluding everything but what you are concentrating upon. 

3. It moves you. Relocates the center of your awareness to your object-of-concentration. You take up residence there. This is especially noticeable when using a mental object-of-concentration.


1. It makes you quiet via intelligent phenomenon handling. Not as quick or powerful as shrinking but with a definite upside.

2. It grows you by deactivating the multitude of habits and reactions that cause shrinkage.


I might illustrate what we're addressing here as a blob of light. Illuminating all it touches.

1. The blob can grow, shrink, move and change its shape.

2. It has a level of agitation. Which is to say, it can be peaceful, agitated, or anything in between. Agitation brings opacity, peace brings clarity. Much like the surface of a pond.

2) On the nomenclature

Shrink, grow, light? Yes, kinda weird. The popular terms are generally awkward tho. Borrowed from an ancient tradition or just clumsy. I'm working on it.

3) Meditation enhancers

Going without food and/or sleep (fasting, sleep deprivation) can enhance the effects of meditation. Shrinking, specifically. It's worth experimenting.

4) Drugs?

Drugs+meditation can deliver interesting results. It's an educating experiment.

5) AS spectrum

The sperg is habitually shrunk. Concentrated. He is very good at concentration. It is his normal state. He knows peace. He knows its power and depths. His whole game is based in this state of peace. He has no game for handling more agitated environments.

6) The utter revolutionary weirdness of growing meditation

The primary trick practiced by all of us, from squirrels to humans, is concentration. Concentrate on your goal. Pursue the dream of your desire. Thus realize it. Be it a bite of food, a degree or a clean floor. Shrink into your desire.

Growing is something different. You grow. Desire and achievement are not part of it. It's very very weird. A revolt against humanness, animalness...

7) Some good books

Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali

Be Here Now by Ram Dass

8) 4 demonstrations of the phenomenon of light/attention/awareness

When you focus your attention upon a thing that thing reveals more about itself.

When you focus your attention upon a thing, other things become less visible

When you are trying to focus on X and you are distracted by Y, your attention is being pulled from X to Y against your will

When you focus your attention, that's attention right there. You are manipulating it.


Elaborate and clean up