1) A little deconstruction.

We have 2 techniques.


1. It makes you quiet (via blindness. Yes, we are leveraging the power of blindness here)

2. It shrinks you (by excluding everything but what you are concentrating upon). 

3. It moves you, Like, relocates the center of your awareness (to your object-of-concentration. You basically take up residence there. This is especially noticeable when using a mental object-of-concentration).


1. It makes you quiet (via intelligent phenomenon handling. Not as quick or powerful as TECHNIQUE#1, but with a definite upside)

2. It grows you (by deactivating the multitude of habits and reactions (to phenomena) that cause shrinkage)


I might illustrate what we're addressing here as a blob of light. Illuminating all it touches.

1. The blob can grow, shrink, move and change its shape. That's the shape changing and moving that I described in the 2 techniques.

2. It has a level of agitation. Which is to say, it can be peaceful, agitated, or anything in between. Agitation brings opacity, peace brings clarity. Much like the surface of a pond.



Sperg/norm as shape of awareness

The utter revolutionary weirdness of growing meditation

The thing

Some good books

A bit about nomenclature : shrink, grow, Light

2. 3.