Meditation Benches For Sale

Red oak top. Yellow pine legs. Sanded. Poly glued. Rubbed all over with linseed oil.

$25 + shipping.

No returns.

Shipping is probably outrageously expensive. At the moment I am focusing on selling in the Carbondale IL (USA) area, where I can just bring them over in my truck.

So far I have just the one size. It's made for a person like me : 6', 200 lbs. I tested it on a 5' 3", 100lb woman and she reported good results. So there you go.

The top is 24" x 7" (Give or take an inch). About 6" high at the back and 4" high at the front.

I'll be doing some more sizes in the future. Different lengths, heights and tilts I suppose.

If you want a custom made bench then we can talk.