How to Meditate

1. Do the meditation lifestyle

Avoid drama and stress.

Have lots of free time.

Do good things.

Don't do bad things.

Don't do drugs.

Don't work too hard.

Get a little exercise but not too much. Walking is good.

Be a vegetarian.

If you are feeling up to it, abandon all other projects and dedicate yourself entirely to practice.

2. Find a nice place to meditate

Someplace quiet and comfortable. Where the bugs won't bug you. Not too hot and not too cold.

3. Meditate

We have 2 techniques, Shrinking and Growing.

Shrinking is the easier one. Get a handle on it first then try Growing.

Do it. Get good at it. Become an expert.



1. In meditation you are manipulating your Light (aka attention, awareness, sati and Mind (capital M), depending on who you talk to ). 

2. There are a couple of different ways to sit down on your butt. More about that here.

3. More notes