How to Grow Like a Balloon

Sit down in your meditation spot. Back straight. Breathe from your belly. Eyes half-closed. Relax.

Watch the river of experience.

That is, watch all the sights, sounds, thoughts, feelings etc that you are experiencing right now. Watch that whole thing. Watch experience-stuff come and go.

Watch, peaceful like in Concentration, but without concentrating on anything.

Watch your Light too.

Watch how you sometimes move your Light in reaction to the thoughts, sounds etc. To direct it here or there, at this or that. To think a thought or whatever.

When you feel like you are about to react like that, don't do it. Don't react.

Just keep on watching. Keep your Light relaxed and spread out wide.

That's it. That's the whole technique.



1. You can do this any time - while walking, talking or doing your taxes. The sitting part just makes it easier. Ideally you'll do this 24-7.

2. You might want to get kinda good at Concentration first, then do this. It'll be easier and make better sense.

3. This works very well when used in combo with Concentration. It sorta amplifies the effects of Growing. Like this : Do some Concentration, till you are pretty quiet and sharp, and then do some Growing.

4. Thoughts are your biggest challenge here. Habitual thinking that is. Reacting to thoughts by moving your Light to more thoughts and so on. If you can reign that in then you've pretty much got it beat.

5. This technique is also called Vipassana (by the Buddhists) and Asamprajnata Dhyana (by the Raja Yogis. It translates to Meditation without a seed).