General Instructions for Meditation

Lead a low-drama lifestyle.

Be good. I mean do good things. Think good thoughts. Do good deeds. 

Don't be bad. Don't do bad deeds. Don't dwell on dark, bad or violent thoughts.

Don't do drugs. (However, mixing drugs and meditation can be interesting and educational.) 

Don't work too hard.

Get regular, gentle exercise.

Be a vegetarian.

Refrain from eating at least 4 hours before meditating.

Meditate in a peaceful place, free of bugs and noise.

Both fasting and going without sleep can enhance the effects of meditation. It's worth experimenting with that.

If you are feeling up to it, renounce all worldly endeavors and dedicate yourself entirely to practice. My experience with this is scant but I hear good things.


How to sit. Sitting options. Lots of pictorial examples. Also walking and just all the time.

Scheduling. Daily practice. All the time. Power grooves.