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The Physical Details of Sitting

Sit in a place that's quiet and comfortable. Where the bugs won't bug you. Not too hot and not too cold.

You'll want a special sitting place. A corner or a room reserved just for sitting.

Refrain from eating at least 3 hours beforehand.

Wear something loose. Or nothing.

Sit in a posture that's comfortable and stable (see the pictures below).

When you're sitting, breath slowly from your belly. When you inhale your belly expands and when you exhale it contracts.

I like sitting first thing in the morning.

Experiment with your sitting schedule.

Sometimes, when you have a few free days, try dedicating all your time to sitting. Sit, go for a walk, sit again, pull some weeds, sit, etc.

This is how you sit on a seiza bench.
(And here's how you make one)

Half-lotus, lotus...

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