Seiza-style meditation benches for sale

  • Top is red or white oak. Legs are yellow pine. Glued. Sanded. Rubbed linseed-oil finish.

  • The top is about 23" x 7" x 5/8". The legs are about 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 6" tall.

  • They come in short, medium and tall, more or less. I (6', 200lb) like the tall ones. My friend (5' 3", 100lb) prefers the short ones.

  • If you want a custom bench made then we can talk.

  • $25 + shipping.

  • We can discuss the shipping. At the moment I sell these only in the Carbondale, IL (USA) area where I can just bring them over in my truck. I bring a few and then you pick the one you like.

  • No returns!